Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Medicinal and cookery recipes [manuscript].

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Medicinal and cookery recipes [manuscript].
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compiled ca. 1625-ca. 1725
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folio 46 verso || folio 47 recto
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FSL collection
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and shake in your flower and beat it vere well then put in what seeds you pleas caraway and coliander and beak it on silver plats or tin pans or on papers searce on a litel fine suger when the goe into the oven dry the flower vere well before the fire if you bake them on silver plats you may cut them in 4 quarters and the will looke prety to pre white pear plvms take your plvms being ripe and cut of the stalk half way then cut it downe the seam and to every povnd of plvmes a povnd of duble refine suger then take a scklet of fare water make it boyle then take it of and put in your plvmes but not cover them then wet your suger and set it on the fire and when it boyles take vp your plvmes with a silver ladel and put in to your suger of the fine so lad the syrrup on them and let them stand whil you doe as many more you may doe to povnd together set them of and an to or 3 tims and set them by then boyle them up as fas as you can with a quickk fire but be sure to keep the skens on and befor the Iely has the least eye of turning browen take them of and lad them and turne them and pvt thire skins smoth on them and glas them and cover them with Iely folio 47 recto 47 to dry pear plums you must dry them thus take every pound a pound of the best suger Iust wet it and boyle it almost to suger agane then hav ing your plumes scaldid as befor put them to the suger and set them by at night be suer not to cover your whit plvmes for if you doe it will change them browne the next day heat and turne them and shack them and set them by 5 or 6 times a day and befor the trvne to deep lay them out vpon sives and dry them in the oven as other plumes and turne them on clean sives thvs you may doe al sorts of plvmes pare or mvsell plvmes or damasenes bvt yov ned not scald them bvt pvt to every povnd of svger a pint of water and set your water and svger on to boyle and take it of and pvt in your plvmes of the fire and wren and sheak them and cover thes and set them byt and eather heat them together or pover the liquer into a scklet and make it ready to boyle and power it on them and cover them and when the are soft and the suger has pearct them lay them on sives and dry them in the oven and when the are enogh throw them into a pan of water and wash them then let them run in a sive and dry them in a cloth and spread them on the sives agane and let them stand tel the are dry and the will have a blew dew as when the are on the tree
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