Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Medicinal, household and cookery receipts [manuscript].

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Medicinal, household and cookery receipts [manuscript].
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Part I. When reading Part I, Part II is inverted and reversed.
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17th-18th centuries
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[page 149]
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FSL collection
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The sticking salve for the Issue Plasters Take of Simple Diachylem or Diapalma: Im: plaister one pound.. Mellilott plasiter two ounces; melt them over A Gentle fier, Then add thereto 4 ounces of the Best Burgamy pitch, strained through A Very Course Cloath, and when almost Cold, make it into Roles, and keep it for your vse A Receiptt for the Ricketts Mrs cleveland, 1718 the oyntment: take 2 ounces of the oyle of Turpintine 2 ounces of Hare marrow; 2 ounces of Deers shank ^or leg bonemarrow; one ounce of oyle of Roses; you must melt all these things together & keep it in a gally pott & when you use it, melt a little of it & Anoynt the child in all its ioynts every night by the fir; going to Bed; & chafe it well In with a warme hand wraping warm flanin round inn the [Riott] Rickett Iullip take 7 spoonfulls of Harts tongue watter, 2 spoonfull of surip of Iully flowers, & as much as a large Hassell nutt of Althermio, & 8 drops of spirit of sullphier shake it well together & give the child one spoonfull ^at night & one in the morning & stay 3 days between taking it sometime this Iullip often cures without the oyntment
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