Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: The Lady Grace Castleton's booke of receipts [manuscript].

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The Lady Grace Castleton's booke of receipts [manuscript].
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Part I. When reading Part I, Part II is inverted and reversed.
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Castleton, Grace Saunderson, Viscountess, d. 1667.
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17th century
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page 60 || page 61
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FSL collection
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60 & an ounce of loueadge seed brused & hung in the Alle in a fine linnen cloth: after fower days you may drink it a good beere glass in a morning & as much in the afternoone, A good broth for a consumtion, Take an ounce of iuary halfe an ounce of Chiny putt them into a quart of spring water, in a siluer can, lett them stand vpon hott imbers all night to infuse then take an ould coke bruse it & put it in a pipkin that will hould a gallon, putt to the cocke the watter chiny & iuary 2 handfulls of rasons stoned a littill mace a crust of bread what hearbs you think proper soe lett all infuse other 12 houers vpon hott imbers, so giue it owne boyle vp & sett it roune though a canuis, page 61 (61 A watter to take freckles or pock holes out of the face, by an irish woman, Take 3 young whelps of a forthnight ould Take of there heads & there skins & iese nothing but ther 4 quarters one quart of red cows milk halfe an ounce of parma=cety an ounce of patch grease 20 house snealls halfe a pint of femetory water halfe a pint of betanye water putt them all in a still, & distill them leisurely, To make a Rowing cheese Take a pale full of morning milke putt into it a quart of creame [then] then sett it together coole, when the cheese are 3 days ould couer them with a boyle & euery 3 days turne & wipe them, these cheess must be made when the beasts are put into the mowed ground,
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