Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: The Lady Grace Castleton's booke of receipts [manuscript].

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The Lady Grace Castleton's booke of receipts [manuscript].
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Part I. When reading Part I, Part II is inverted and reversed.
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Castleton, Grace Saunderson, Viscountess, d. 1667.
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17th century
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page 105 || page 106
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FSL collection
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105 Take of this electuary, about the quan =tity of an nugmug, in the morning an hower before you eate, in the after noone & att night when you goe to bed, A seare-Cloth for Aches paines [s] bruses or burnes. Take a pint of Good sallitt oyle halfe a pound of Red Leade in fine powder a quarter of a pound of bee wax boyle these upon a gentle fire continually sturing them with a stike, when it begins to be black, dope sume into coold water, if that grow hard, it is anoufe then dipe your cloths, & smoth them of both sids, rowle them up, with oyled paper betwext & keepe them for your use page 106 106 To make lemon creame cross in circle Take 4 good lemons chipe them uery thin, then squese the Iuse of the lemons into the pille, lett it stand 3 howers, then take the whites of 8 egs beate them uery well, then Add aboue a pint of spring water, then putt in your Iuse of lemons & a littell Rose, & orring flower watter, run it though a cotten bag, then sweeten it to your tast sett it on the fire sturing it all one way till it begine to thicken, & be like Gelly when tis coold, this is anoufe for 2 dishes Axtract of mault for consumtion Take a Gallon of strong Ale wort, into which put hearts tounge, leuerwort, Isop, [do] colesfoote, Orgumenti; horehound, ffennell watercresse, Scabious of each halfe a handfull, Rosa=solus, a handfull; Caper- roots clens'd, one ounce, Allacumpany rootes
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