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Cookery book of Lettice Pudsey [manuscript].
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Item 2 of 2: Main text, rebound separately by conservator.
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Pudsey, Lettice, fl. 1675.
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ca. 1675
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folio 11 recto
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FSL collection
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11 To mack mackeromes: take good allmones a quarter of a pound & blanch them in cold watter: then to these tack 3 quarters of a pound of fine scarced sugar: beat them in a stone mouter with a wite of a egge & rose watter: till it bee a lettel thicker then batter, for fitters: then drop it one waffers & so back them :/ To mack conserue of barberryes:/ tack your Barberrys full ripe the redest & cleane pickt: as many as well serue your turne: putt them in a deepe earthen pot close couered: & sett the pot into a pot with seething watter: & lett them boyle till thay bee soft enough: so stire them well togather: & strane them so that non of the seeds come through: then tack to a pint of that: 2 pound of sugar then putt the stuf to the sugar & stir it togather: sett it opon the fier & lett it but boyle to tack of the scum cleane: then when it is cold putt it in your glases :/ To preferue orringes or lemons:/ tack of the bigest & farest thick rined orringes you can gett: & finely pare them the out most skinn as thinne as possibell: then slice them in medell crushing all the iuce of them forth: then putt in a pan of fare running watter: as you pare them: letting the stand
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