Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book of Rebeckah Winche [manuscript].

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Receipt book of Rebeckah Winche [manuscript].
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Winch, Rebecca, d. 1713.
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ca. 1666
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page 74 || page 75
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FSL collection
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.74. A diett Drinke for the Ricketts Take the leaves of liver:wort, Egremony, harts tongu scabius, speedwell, Ceteracke, Bettony, of each three handfulls, the shaueings of hartshorne & Iuory of each 2 ounces, the roots of Osmond royall male [Fearnrne] Fearne, & succory of each 2 ounces & reasons of the sun stoned half a pound boyl all these in 4 galons of small ale wort on a gentle fire 2 hours, let it be straind, & set it a working as other Ale / The Roots Hartshorne & Iuory must be put in first & boyle an hour before the hearbes for one hour is enough for them, att 5 days end it is fitt to drink & it is best to put one galon more of the same wort to it when you set it working of it will tast to strong, when the quantety is half drink up bottle the rest & then brewe. more page 75 .75. The Terpintin Glister Dr P Take Camomill & Millitot flowers of each a handfull Iuniper berres brused half an ounce; boyle them in clear poset drinke or spring water the quantety the intend to giue, then desolve an ounce of Venice Terpenten by mixing it first with the yolkes of 2 new layd eggs by degrees; & after that mingle it with the aforesaid liquor add to it the bignes of a nutmeg of fresh butter; it is an exelent glister for the Colicke or stone
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