Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Cookery book of Lettice Pudsey [manuscript].

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Cookery book of Lettice Pudsey [manuscript].
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Item 2 of 2: Main text, rebound separately by conservator.
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Pudsey, Lettice, fl. 1675.
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ca. 1675
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folio 22 verso
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FSL collection
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you giue of it warme it & put suger in it: some 3 or 4 sponefull at a time is a nough / How to mack gousberry cakes Tack your gousberrys when they bee uery greene & pick them then putt in to a skellett with a lettel fare water: & keepe them with shaking till thay bee soft: then strane them & to a pound of suger: a pint of this stufe: you must candy your suger uery hard: then putt in your stofe & lett it stand one the fire till the suger bee melted: & then scum it bee carefull it stand not on to long for macking it yellow: then
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