Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Cookery book of Lettice Pudsey [manuscript].

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Cookery book of Lettice Pudsey [manuscript].
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Item 2 of 2: Main text, rebound separately by conservator.
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Pudsey, Lettice, fl. 1675.
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ca. 1675
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folio 29 recto
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FSL collection
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29 /The Sweete greene ointment/ Take sage: & rue of each one pond: bay leaues & worwood of each halfe a pond: melilot herbe: flowers of camomile flowers of spike: rosemary: red rose leaues St Iohn: wort: of each one good handfull: march mallowes 2 good handfull: choppe all these herbs as small as can bee: then weigh them & putt to them: theire weight of the best Deers suett: them choppe the suett uery small: & stampe it & the hearbes togather till it looke all greene: then putt it & fiue pints of sallett oile: into a pott: mix them well: & couer it close with leather & past: the sides that noe aire gett in: so lett it stand seauen days: then sett it on a gentel fier: & lett it boyle stirring it all wayes:
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