Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Cookery book of Lettice Pudsey [manuscript].

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Cookery book of Lettice Pudsey [manuscript].
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Item 2 of 2: Main text, rebound separately by conservator.
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Pudsey, Lettice, fl. 1675.
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ca. 1675
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folio 33 verso
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FSL collection
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[how] How to make the Black Searecloth/ Take a pint of sallet oyle, half a pound of red lead boyle them togather till [t]they are black, keeping them with constant stiring, then put in a quarter of a pound of rozen, & 2 ounce of red soft wax, & let them boyle alltogather about a quarter of an hourer, then bake it of the fier & let it coole a while, & so put it into cold watter, till it is hard enough to role, then make it into roles, rubing your hands with butter or oyle, that it may not stick to them // this is a very good [saulfe] salve for a boyle or any sore //
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