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Cookbook of Susanna Packe [manuscript].
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Packe, Susanna, fl. 1674.
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page 260 || page 261
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FSL collection
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The Balsam of Lucatellus Take the best yellow wax melt it by a small fire in an equal quantity of canary wine; then add of the best oyl oliue Venice to stop in one witth child and will do no harme) take 3 grains of allam in a spoon= =full of claritt wine another for the same a very good one as much corall as will ly on a shilling in a spoonfull of sinimon water and ly very sttill in bed and drink no drink butt boyld new milk Mrs E. yet I haue had them very green [anouther one spoonfull of spirritt of allum a thing] page 261 261 Goosberries Green Take your goosberies when green &= hard put them in water let them scald very littell till you se the outward= skin Begin to Ripell Then take them ofe speedaly for a littell will make them two soft put them preasently in coold water Then peell of that skim & set them ouer the fire in another water Let the fire be noe hotter then it make them warme; Let them be cou= ered close. for an houer Then take them out & way them Take ther waight in fine sugar Let it be powdred & stro =w som one them as you doe your plums next day heat them so continue 2 or 3 days; Then with som of ther one Gelly = Boyle them vp & put them in glases They are very dificalt
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