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Cookbook of Susanna Packe [manuscript].
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Packe, Susanna, fl. 1674.
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page 266 || page 267
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FSL collection
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for The wild fire sower butermilk and sutt each micxtt together and the place anoynted witth it will cure itt as has bin tryd often anouther for the same and a much beter take a good deale of stif cream and putt a good quantitty of the Iuse of housegrene grene boyle both together tell thay come to an oyle then anoyntt itt well with thatt itt will heale and coole it page 267 267 Whit Marmolt of Quinces Take your farest Quinces not two yallo nor two green put them in= fare waiter & Boyle them one a quick fire till the Bee soft then take them out & pare them, Then= pulpe them thorrough a siue that is very cleane, waigh your pulpe= and Take the waight in duble Re= fin sugar Boyle it to a Candi= haight Then put in your pulpe= & Lett you fire be hott Then let it haue a Boyle vp & soe Box it =make you, whit after the same= =maner But Boyle it not as you= are diricted Before Amongst The pastes
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