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Receipt book of Margaret Baker [manuscript]
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Baker, Margaret, 17th century.
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ca. 1675?
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folio 15 verso || folio 16 recto
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FSL collection
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more, & being dissolued, distill it .3. times in the limbick, ech time poudring the feeces, & pouring on it the water distilled, in the maner of extracting, afterward put it in to a retori with the flegme & distill it with a gentle fire: & first will com the sweete flegme then the sharpe spirit, then augment the fire by degrees for .12. howers & take the dead head calcined, extracted saltt & cir culate with it the sharpe spirit to make it of more eficacie, the dose is euery second morning one spown full, & is not to be held in the last place of seckrets it cures the dropsie, suppressad months, the confect: of coriander seede take of the herbe marierom one handfull & an halfe of rosemarie halfe a handfull of cubes .1. ounce & halfe let them be cut & pounded & then sodden in .2. pound of the sharpest white wine vinegar you can get unto the third, straine it & in that which is strained & a sufficient quantitie of wine vinegar infuse hott, .2. pound of coriander seede & let them stand infused in some warme place .24. howers then straine the coriander & puttinge to them refined sugar sufficently boyled make according to arte, a confect with one cote, the uertues, a few seeds of this confect, taken folio 16 recto 16 after denner & supper & by litle & litle chewed betweene your teeth keeping the mouth euer close, it cannot be spoken how much they doe helpe the memorie & digestion by comforting of the braine & repressing the fumes that ascend towards the braine, & it also closeth the mouth of the stomacke this taken out of dornerellius his dispensawrie pay 84, x to make Isle of whit fine bisket cakes to a pecke of fine flower, put .2. pound of fine suger, a pinte of rosewater, a pinte of uery good sacke, a spoonefull or tow of barn .8. or .9. rasas of ginger, about an ounce & a halfe of anneecedes temper all colde & take .2. pound of butter, with a little faire water boyling & skimeing it & then make up all into dowe letting it after that it is well tempered reste by the fire in a warme cloth then make all vp into smale cakes & heate not the ouen to hott; A water for the eyes white wine, rosewater of each halfe a [pound] pynte of tuthia prepared .1. ounce mace beate to powder, halfe an ounce put all into any all well stopped & set it in the sunne three weeks, theis water is uery good to take away the rednes of the eyes, to drie up the wateringe to strengthen the eyelids & cure the ulcers;
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