Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book of Margaret Baker [manuscript]

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Receipt book of Margaret Baker [manuscript]
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Baker, Margaret, 17th century.
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ca. 1675?
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folio 38 verso || folio 39 recto
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FSL collection
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To take a[y]way the readnis & wattringe of the eyes Take as much whitt copparis as a small nutt; & as much whitt sugger canday & some eye bright water; putt itt in to a new layd egge [she] shell & lett it simber ouer the embers one houer softly then wash your eyes with itt; To take out stayns or ink out of a linen Cloth; Take sume milke & warme it; then putt in the cloth & socke it; then sope it very will pouer one sume vinegere and wash it out of that milke; then warme sume ouoer milke sope it & wash it in that; then sope it & boyle it & soe wash it out To stewe a racke of mutton Stewe it with water & sallt & a bundell of sweett hearbs when it is allmost enoufe putt in one quarter of a pound of sugger one quartt of whit wine leammons sliced thine barbares olliues Cappers nuttmegs & houle mace & oysters stewe them all togather & then sarue it in vppone sippites a boyled carrit cutt in foure set vppritt against the meate folio 39 recto 39 sace for a Capone or a shoulder of mutton; Take oysters, anchoues; oliues, Cappers; onyons; butter; vinegere; nuttmege; stewe them all in claritt wine puttinge in sume and sume as it stewes drey the quantity of a quartt; when you take it ofe putt in sume grauey & sarue it in; if it bee a cappon roste oysters in his belly if a shoulder of muton you must bast it with the liquer of the oysters garnish your dish with sampher & stewe sume in it; for a payne in the Backe Take a pottle of smale ale; & twoe or three handfull of redd sage; & twoe ounces of brused anieseeds; & a little handfull of reysons of the sonne beinge stoned; & a sticke of greene liquores cleane scraped; & sliced; boyle all thees together; & then drinke this morninge and [e]eueninge; Nurs Cresett for the piles; Take a quarter of a pound of reasons of the sonne stoned and powned them in a wooden dish untill they come to bee as a salue; then putt it one a cloth plaister wise; & lay it to the sore
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