Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book of Margaret Baker [manuscript]

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Receipt book of Margaret Baker [manuscript]
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Baker, Margaret, 17th century.
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ca. 1675?
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folio 95 verso || folio 96 recto
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FSL collection
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XA receipt for the Gout Take white mullen three handfulls; pigeons dung dried & the strawes pickt from it a handfull & halfe beate first your dung well in a mortar putting by little & little the best wine vinegar; then putt the mullen likewise beating them together; at last adde sasprunela one ounce; one drame of the best oyle of peter mingle them well together spread it vpon a double cloath & apply it to the place greiued repeat it as often as it growes dry; To take Pocke holes out of the face Take of the :4: cooling seeds; vix: of mellons; gourds; cowcum bers; & pumpions; when they are pickt & clensed from the husks; of each halfe a pound of white poppy seed :12 ounces beate them exceeding well in a cleane marble morter & then presse out the oyle by little & little that it may cume cleare; to euery ounce of this oyle add halfe an ounce benn newly drawne; when the oylis are well mingled weigh them & for euery ounce of this oyle take a dramme of pure white wax; melt the wax with an exceeding gentle fire enough to melt it & whilst it melteth ouer the fire lett there bee a little quantety of the oyle mingled with it to keepe it thinn as soone as it is melted put it instantly into the morter that beeing a little warmed then stirre it extreamely with a pestle as it vere grinding; & be still dropping in a little & little the oyle till all bee sure to be grinding it with the pestle all the while & afterwards continue working it vntill it folio 96 recto 96 bee growne to that consistence & thicknesse that you like then beate & wash it with rose or orange flower water pouring it of and washing it with fresh; A receipt for the scurvy Take halfe a pecke of scurvy grasse; of brooklime & water cresses of each fixe handfulls bruse these & a handfull of worme=wood not brused a fewe hopps boyle these as long as you would hopps in six gallones of worte sett all a coolinge in vessells for purpose being cole enough put the barme there vnto & haueing wrough strayne & tunne it vpp when a weeke is past drinke there of ordinarily To make boyled pudding Take halfe a pint of creame & a pinte of mile & [a bitte] lett it boyle; then take :2: penny loaues & slice them thin & lay them in a dishe & poure your boyleing milke there on soe lett it stand couered till the bread be soft then breake it with your hands & put it in a little salt & sugar & :3: spoone fulls of rose water & 5 yolkes of eggs & :3: whites and a handfull of raysons & :3: quarter of a pound of beefe sewett shredd it very small & a handfull of flower then tye it up round & lett it boyle :2: houres; then take white wine & butter & vineger & rose water & suger beate them well together & put it vpon the pudding
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