Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book of Margaret Baker [manuscript]

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Receipt book of Margaret Baker [manuscript]
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Baker, Margaret, 17th century.
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ca. 1675?
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folio 104 verso || folio 105 recto
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FSL collection
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quartern of sugar & :3: nutt=megs then take five dates & a quarter of a pint of creame; 4: yolks of eggs :3: spoon=fulls of rose=water, 3: or :4: marrow=bones; mingle all these to gather except the marrow; then make itt vpp in long bales, about the biggnes of an egg; in every bale put a good peece of marrow put these into the pie & then put in a quarter of a pound of butter & halfe a sliced lemmon; then make a cawdle of white wine sugar & veriuice put it in when you take your pie out of the ouen you may use a graine of musk or amber=greece; folio 105 recto 105 To make A Glister to coole & keep ye bodey solable after a feaver Take oine pinte of milke :3: ounces of corse suger & a drame or two of anney seed boyle it & soe giue it; Elanor Herring For a Reum of Salt humor in the Eye; that makes it raw Take halfe a peny=worth of roch allum and one pint of water boyle it all most halfe a way and wash your eye with it For a quarten ague iust bee fore the could fitt take seuen drops of the oyle of vittrall in a glasse of sacke and goe to bead and sweat vpon itt,
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