Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book of Margaret Baker [manuscript]

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Receipt book of Margaret Baker [manuscript]
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Baker, Margaret, 17th century.
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ca. 1675?
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folio 120 verso || folio 121 recto
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FSL collection
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about :3: pints being very well glased within then put to it a pinte &; halfe of vineger & let it steepe :24: howers then take a quarter of a pinte of veniger more & put therein stirring it & setting it one the fire vntill these gumes be throughly moulten; alwaies strring it then take a peece of new canuis & streaine it & sett it ouer the fire a gaine stirring it & setting it ouer the fire being very gentle of charke=coles keeping the fire from being the side of the panne that the gumes burne not there to & soe keepe it; stirring it alwaise vntill all the veniger be gone awaie & nothing left but the gumes in such sorte as you may spreade it like a plaister; then take a quarte of the best oyle ollyue & put it into a panne of earth well glased that doath containe about a pottel or more & set it ouer a fire of softe coles & put into it halfe a pound of newe vergins waxe cut into smale peeces & soe lett it melt in the oyle leasurely & when it is moulten put into it one pound & halfe of lyteridge of goulde beaten into very fine powder stirringe it continually vntill it bee throughly moulten & thicke & when it hath left boyling a little while then take of the foresaid gumes & with a sticke take of them the quantitie of a nutt & put it in stirring folio 121 recto 121 of it alwaies & feeding the saide oyle by a litle & a little vntill all the gumes bee consumed for it will requrie an oure the putting in of the foresaide gumes & when you see it beginnes to be coulde put it one againe ouer a few embers taking greate heede that it be nott to hott for then it will rune ouer & finding it to bee some what warme take it of the fire againe putt in these powders therein then :2: kindes of aristelogia rotunda et longe calammaris mirth & francomsence; of each an ounce being in very fine powder then mixe them togther & by little stirring put these powders in by smale quantities at a time with alsoe one oune of the oyle of baies & laistly put in 4 ounces of fine turpentine the panne beinge from the fire & if you will knowe when it is sufficiently boyled put a little into cold water & if it cleaue to yourfingers then it is not readie then boile it againe & as bigge as you will haue your rowels lett it droppe into a panne of cold water & soe with a littell oile of roses to annointe your hands make vp your- rowles into oyle pappers & soe ones a yeare oyling the pappers it will keepe his vertue :50: yeares; the vertues of foresaid Plaister; 1: it is good for all olde sores that co[v^]meth of coulde :2 it driu eth & clenseth; breedeth good fleshe it comforteth and healeth more in one weeke then any others in a mouneth 3: it will not suffer aney sore to putrifie mor anie dead fle^ash to breade
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