Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book of Rebeckah Winche [manuscript].

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Receipt book of Rebeckah Winche [manuscript].
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Winch, Rebecca, d. 1713.
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ca. 1666
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page 112 || page 113
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FSL collection
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.112. To Make a Caudle Take a quarter of a pound of french barly wash it uery well & boyle it in 3 seuerall waters take the last water which must be uery well boyld & to a quart of that put a quart of Renish=wine lett them boyle together then take the yolks of 10 egges uery well [g] beaten sweeten it to your tast & let it boyle to what thicknes you please but constanly keepe it stirring while it is on the fire that the eggs curdle not. [put in a blade or 2 of mace at the first]; & att last add the Iuce of 2 lemons & a little lemonpille & let it stand ouer the fire agane still stiring it when you thinke it thick enough haue some french bread tosted & layd in the bottom of the dish & serue it up warme. To make a Quince Puding Scald the quinces uery tender: paire them uery thin & scrape off the soft & mash it well put suger to it & (some pouder of ginger & cinamon if you pleas) then take sweet cream to euery pint of cream the yolks of 3 or 4 eggs & put in the quince an make it pretty thick; so you may doe with aprecocks pear plumbs or pipins page 113 .113. To make wafors of suger of All calours Take Clouegilleflowers Violets Cowslips steepe each flowers seuerally in as much iuyce of lemon as will couer them when thay haue stood 24 houres strain the flowers out & into the infusion put in as many more. let them stand as long then strayn them out & if the colour be not deepe enough doe it once more: then take duble refine suger finely serced & in a siluer ladle wett it with the iuyce of lemons alone or a little oringe flower water with it, stir them to githir till it is as thicke as cream then in a siluer spoone mix more of the seirced suger with any of the colours you would streke it with then let them be held ouer a chafing dish of coals by tow persons. contenualy stir'd & when thay smokd upon a knife then put out out a spoonfull of the white. & spred it round upon papor with a spoon or knife thine like a wafor then with the colours marke it in seuerall places as you pleas while thay are both thine, & when thay are so much stiffend as not to run, thin off the corners of the papers that tha[y]y may be round when thay are dry take them off the papors with water
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