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Cookbook [manuscript].
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Part I. When reading Part I, Part II is inverted and reversed.
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ca. 1678-ca. 1689
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page 2 (folio 3 verso) || page 3 (folio 4 recto)
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FSL collection
a good stomack & that shortly let him vse it 3 times together and he shall find greate ease and reamedy & comfort therby and as he feeleth him selfe, soe lett him use it To make rosa solis take an hearb which in latin is caled rosasolis and groweth in marish places this hearb must be gathered in Iune of Iuly, about noone in a bright sunshine day and when it shineth on the hearb the leaues are little but of greate vertue being used acordingly, the saide hearb finely taken up soe as you haue the dew theron for lacking the dew it lacketh the vertue in a cloudy day it [out] ought not to be gathered you must prepare to haue a vessell of silver tinn or glass made very Cleane and dryed from other moystire and put your leaues soe gathered in such a vessell by an iust measure videlizet into a quart or pottell accordinge as you canne or will gather put to your leaues the iust proportion of the best aquavitie as to a pint a pint & then close your vessaile fast and let it stand three dayes and three nights if you haue a pottell of leaues and aquavite take ili of suger finely beaten and on pound of dates mundified shred and finely sliced if lesse then a pottell then accordinge to the proportion and after the three dayes and three nights afforesayd put to it the suger and the ili Dates then close fast againe and let stand other three dayes. and three nights after the sixe dayes and six nights take out and straine it into some such vessell as siluer glasse or tynne and then yo9u may giue thereof to any such person three or foure tymes in the day on sponefull at once if he be very weake folio 4 recto 4 3 afterwards two or three spoonefulls ay once if he like therofe this must be done with good discression for he may giue too much to a Cholericke or sangwyn Complextion for they be both hot the sangwyn Complexion hot and moist the sangwn hot and drye To make aqua Composita. Take ale nutmeggs Cloues, Cinamon ginger lichoras Annyseede rosemary ffennell and the Rootes parcely and the Rootes violet leaue strawberry leaues Angellico rootes Allicompane Rootes raisons of the sonne and ffiggs the whole stamped in a morter and put into the ale and let it stand in steepe fower and twenty howers and then distill it through a Lymbecke To make Sinamon water Take a pottell of claret wine ili of good sinamon briused and enfused in the wine a day and a night and stirr it after times first puttinge in a pint of rosewater then still it with a soft fire/ To make meade Take your honny and water and mixt it vnto geather till it be so stronge that it will beare an egge then boile it and clarifie it from the dreages cleere then put to sage sparemint Isop of each on handfull Rosemary Rue and wormewood of each halfe a handfull to or three fennell rootes five or sixe parcly Rootes d oze of mace two nutmegges then boile it the second tyme vntill the hearbes be tender then let it cole and clarifie it as before and out it into your vessaile. / looke. page. 27 To make Ipocras good for a Cold stomacke and nessessary for a souldier Take a pint of aqua Compossita 2 ozes of Cynamon i oze of ginger [ili of sugar] iid of cloves and almost iid of nutmeges briused all put all theese into a faire glasse
Transcriptions made by Shakespeare’s World volunteers (, participants in EMROC classes and transcribathons (, participants in Folger paleography classes and transcribathons, and Folger docents.