Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book of Rebeckah Winche [manuscript].

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Receipt book of Rebeckah Winche [manuscript].
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Winch, Rebecca, d. 1713.
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ca. 1666
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page 116 || page 117
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FSL collection
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.116. [To Pickele] To Pickle Wallnuts Take smalle greene wallenuts picke them from the stalkes then put them in cold water & set them on a gentle fire till the outer skin peele off & then wipe that off with [are] a corse clothe put them in a tub or or pott & put salt & water to them changing it for 10 or 12 day til the bitterness & discolour of the water is gone The pickle Take half white wine & half the best wine vineger accordin to the quantity of nuts. sett it on the fire boyle it half an hour, a little before you take it off put in white peper ginger Cloues Mace an equale quantity, enough to make it uery strong of spice & a few bay leaues wipe the nutts dr[ie]y & putt them in to the pickle while it is boyling & immediatly take them off & couer it close; when it is cold put them into a new earthen pot well glaced tie them close with a pecce of leather if you would have them like mangoes you must drag a little garlick in to the nuts. page 117 .117.
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