Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Cookbook of L. Cromwell [manuscript].

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Cookbook of L. Cromwell [manuscript].
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facing page (191) is inverted and reversed.
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Cromwell, L., 17th cent.
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17th century
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page 8
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FSL collection
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8 soe much manchet as will make it pritty thicke then set it on the fire & Let it scald tell the bread be uery soft then with a n spoone breake it into little bits then put into it 2 whites of egges & one yolke well beaten, & a good handfull of almonds finely beaten then season it with nuttmeg & rose water. 15 A plaine pudding Take as much milke as will make your pudding put in 2 egges a little pepper & salt then mingle it with floure as thicke as butter soe put it in a bag & boile it & when it is boiled cut it in the middle & put butter & suger on the top. 16 To make a good pudding Take a quart of creame & boile it well d then cut a 2 penny loafe uery thin l poure the creame to it & couer it close a little while then put in the yolkes of 10 egges well beaten & suger then put mace & nuttmeg in steepe in rosewater water & straine the rosewater in to the pudding & stir it well together soe boile it. 17 White puddings. Take some grets picke them very clean & boile them in milke tell they be tender then let them stand all night in the
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