Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Cookbook of L. Cromwell [manuscript].

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Cookbook of L. Cromwell [manuscript].
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facing page (180) is inverted and reversed.
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Cromwell, L., 17th cent.
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17th century
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page 15
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FSL collection
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15 30 White broth Take a quart of water and set it on the fire with nutmeg cut & dates slices & large d mace and a pritty quantity of marrow L let these boile a pritty while then beate 10 yolkes of eggs & put into the broth with as much white wine sacke & suger as you thinke good. 31 To make minced Pyes Take a peece of the Butt of beefe & boile it a little then cut of the outside of it & waigh the rest & to 10 pounds of beefe take 13 of suett, mince them smale together and take 12 apples & mince uery n smale & put to the meate then of cur= rence take 7 pound of of reason 8 pound of pruens 2 pound 8 nuttmegs 4 ounces of dates cloues & mace 1 ounce halfe an ounce of sinmmon beaten a little beaten san= ders a pint of rose water a little pepper & salt & beaten ginger & carraway seeds & 3 orrange peeles minced smale. 32 minced egge pies. d Take 5 egges & boile them hard then peele L of the shell cleane & mince them uery smale put to them halfe a pound of beefe suett minced & halfe a pound of currence & season them as minced pies & when they are baked put some caudle into them.
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