Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Cookbook of L. Cromwell [manuscript].

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Cookbook of L. Cromwell [manuscript].
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facing page (174) is inverted and reversed.
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Cromwell, L., 17th cent.
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17th century
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page 21
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FSL collection
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21 as often you will. 46 To make a tart of orranges Take orranges & shaue them & lay them in water a night then boile them in 3 or 4 waters that done lay them in [mal] malmesey 2 houres then take them out & seeth the malmsey on the fire & put in 2 yolkes of eggs a little sinammon suger & ^rose water. 47 To make Tart stuffe of quinces & apples make it as your marmalad of quinces but somwhat thinner & straine it through a fine meale siue mingle as many ap= ples with your quinces as your please 48 To make stuffe of apples only. Pare your apples apples only & slice them from the coare & put them into a pot & let them stand in the ouen tell they be baked then straine them & put in as much suger as will sweeten them then seeth it tell it be almost enough then put in as much iuce of barberries as will couer them soe let it seeth tell it be thicke enough to lay into the tart insteed of baking you may boile them.
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