Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Cookbook of L. Cromwell [manuscript].

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Cookbook of L. Cromwell [manuscript].
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facing page (151) is inverted and reversed.
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Cromwell, L., 17th cent.
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17th century
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page 44
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FSL collection
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44 CA How to hash a shoulder of Mutton Take a shoulder of mutton, Roaste it somethinge more than halfe baste it with butter, set a dish under it to take the gravy, when ^it is more then halfe roasted, take it from the fire, take of the skin & mince the meate then stew it betwixt two dishes in the gravy; put to it one pint of Claret wine at the first anchofyes & at the first olives [& at the firste] when you set it ouer the fire to stew, one pint of Capers, put in halfe your Capers when you put in your anchofyes & oliues , put in one or two leaues of mace 3 Cloves 1 nutmegge stywd halfe an oringe or Lemmon stew all theise together one howre and a halfe, when you are ready to serue it up, take halfe a pound of butter, a guarter of pint of vineger; beate them auell together, then put it to your meate, & the other halfe of your olives anchofies, Capers & some samfer & otysers, iff you please garnish your dish with theise & soe serve it up Lay your meate upon if bones & leaue skin ouer the meate shape it like a shoulder of mutton dividing mark you may stew one whole Ioynt with it, but take itt forth when you serue it up How to make a marrow pye Rx your apples & shread them small they being pared & coared then put to them a good [meany] of currents, & blend your marrow & them altogether, & season them with, sinamond & ginger finely pund, then strowe on the topp, some suger & soe bake it either in a pye or a dish couering it with puffe paste like a florentine To make white wine Caudle with geewall Take pounded greates & water, boyle them well together, likewise put there in a little Cinamond & mace & a sprigg of Rosemary, when allyes N are well boyled together, then powre out the thinnest of it & put to it a little white wine & suger & then boile it a little more, make your Caudle with the thinne of your grewell To make panadoe Rx grated bread & sprigge of rosemarye, Mace sinamon & currents raysons & boyle all theise together an houre of more in water & when it is well boyled, put in suger & butter To make white wine Caudle with alle
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