Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Cookbook of L. Cromwell [manuscript].

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Cookbook of L. Cromwell [manuscript].
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facing page (131) is inverted and reversed.
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Cromwell, L., 17th cent.
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17th century
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page 64
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FSL collection
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64 Mrs Vincents Cake. fflowre 3li & a halfe 3 quarters of butter rubbed into the flowre, half ounce of Mace, 2 nutmegs, half dram of ginger, a pint of Creame, made warme, half pint of Ale yest, halfe a quarter of Rosewater a quarter of a pint of sack warme the sack, 2 egges with the yolks beaten, half pound of sugar mix all these with the Creame & so put it into the flowre & mix it well, then knead in the Currence & bake it with a paper bound about: Dorothy Hoods' cake, Rx to a peck of flower, that was by our weight 12li. 1 ounce of Ginger 1 ounce of Cinnamon 1 nutmeg: half an ounce of carraway seeds half ounce of Anniseeds sugar 1li & halfe butter 7li Barme very sud 3 pints creame 1 pint, Currence. 3li or save out one pound of you will, & put in a li of Raisins cut in bits. first set the button on the fire, in the meane time mix the seeds & all the dry spice & strew it over the flower, then put in the crsame & an handfull of the suger & mix yt, which done siumme the butter which must be ready to boyle & powre in the cleare none of the bottom so knead it well & then put in the Currence knead them very well in, then spread over your barme & put in some of the sugar if you well & so knead it well up the Oven must not be too hot make it up & put the rest of the sugar on the Top Mark it with a hollow lay half an hower or a little more will make it A Lombard Py. A dozen of Larks with puddings in their bellies made of grated bread egges, marrow Currence, suet herbs & seasoned with sugar & nutmegs & 6 or 8 little puddings of another sort made into balls, a pint of great Oysters scalded the yolks of 6 hard egges, the marrow of two bones in great pieces, 2 sweet breads of Veale Parboyled & cut into pieces as big as a wallnut, dates in halves sliced lemon, large Mace & Barberies these must have a little pepper & salt & sugar. for seasoning then lay on the Top some lettice stalks preserved, & Candid Eringo rootes, & half a pound of butter: you may put in some potatos or Skerrets, you must make a Cawdle of white wine butter & Sugar & put into it when it comes out of the Oven: My Cousin Patience her Bisket: To 6 ounces of fine dryed flowre half a pound of sugar fine beaten & seaced, beat 4 egges & put to them as you beat a spoonefull of sugar, at a time till half the Sugar be in them, put in a spoonefull of flowre & a spoonefull of Sugar till all be in but a little that you must mix with some musk ground, & put it to 3 or 4 spoonefull of Rosewater & put it in iust when you set into the oven Caraway seed or with seeds else you will, you may put it as you put them into the Oven dust them with Sugar & fflower, a quarter of an hower will bake them: A Cake: Fine flower 9li . dry it by the fire & weigh it when it is dryed fine Currans 6li rubbed Iordan Almonds blancht & beaten half a pound, beat them with half a Gill of Rosewater Cinamon an ounce & a halfe, Cloves & mace, most mace half an ounce a quarte of a li of Caraway Cowsfits, Ambergreece two graines dissolved in Rosewater, beat it with your Almonds, but first let them be beaten enough; fine sugar half a li. Butter 2li Creame a pint let your Creame boyle them put in the butter to dissolve, as soone as tis dissolved take it off the fire, stiff Barme 4 sponoefull, when it is kneaded let it stand a good way oft the fire about two howers, then put in your Currans & so make it up :/ Mistris Anne: /
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