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Receipt book [manuscript].
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ca. 1700
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page 6 || page 7
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FSL collection
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6 how to preserue hips take hips when they are full Red before they are full ripe split them and scrape [them] out all the seeds and [scrape] pare out that that is in the inside then put them into a pitcher and set them into a kettle of water and let them boyle till they are soft then take them out and pulp them through a hare siue and to euery pound of pulp put a pound of suger and boyle it to a Conserue this is the best way of making it for if they be full ripe they will be much stifer how to make ielly of Curans you must first strip your Curans of the stalkes then put them[ in, a pitcher couer it Close and set it] in a pitcher Couer it Close and set it [on] in a pan of water and let it boyle when it hath boyl'd halfe an hour take the pitcher out lay a trencher upon the mouth of it and draw off what iuce you Can but doe [not] not shake [it] the Curans then put them in the pan again and let them boyle and euery quarter of an hour draw the iuce fom them till you haue got all the iuce you can then to euery, pint put a pound of double refin'd suger beat fine stirr it together and let it stand all night the next day set it on a fier in a siluer cup or tanker doe not stirr it after it begins to be hott when it begins to boyle it is enough then put it into your glases to make pipin Gelly take your pipins and pare them and quarter them then put water enough to couer them let them boyle well then take and strane the liquor through a flanell bag and take a pound of double refin'd suger to a pint of liquor and squees some lemons in to make it sharp then boyle it well till it begins to Gelly and boyle a lemon peale and cut it in dices and put it in your glases with your Ielly page 7 7 to make Mamalet of quinces take your quinces when they are full ripe and pare them and quarter them and take the Cores from them and all the specks then weigh them and take 3 quarters of a pound of loafe suger to euery pound of quince and 1 pint of pump water let them boyle till they are red then take them out of the liquor and mash them uery well then put them into your liquor again and let them boyle till tis stiff enough then put it into your glases how to preserue Chery's you must take the best Chery's and stone them and put 3 quarters of a pound of double refined suger to 1 pound of Chery's and a litle Curan iuce and a litle spring water boyle them till they begin to Ielly and look Clear then put them in your glases how to dry Chery's you must take 5 pound of suger to 12 pound of Chery's stone your Chery's disolue your suger first in a litle water ouer the fier then let it boyle and skum it and put your Chery's in let them boyle till they are tender then put them [them] them in a pott with the surop and heat them once or twice more after then put them out to drye
Transcriptions made by Shakespeare’s World volunteers (, participants in EMROC classes and transcribathons (, participants in Folger paleography classes and transcribathons, and Folger docents.