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Receipt book [manuscript].
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ca. 1679-1694
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page 3 || page 4
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FSL collection
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Agues For an Ague Take 2 spoonfulls of faire water, 1 of vinegar, & a little Mithridate, mingle them together & drinke it in the morning before you rise, luke warme, doe soe for 4 or 5 dayes together, & it will cure you. For an Ague outward Take plantain Mint wormwood of each 2 handfulls, stampe them & take the Iuice of them; put to it so much vinegar, stirre it upon coles till it be hot, then dip a tost of white bred in it, & lay it to the mouth of the stomack; For an Ague Take Take as much diascordium as a nutmeg drink after it a draught of hot posset drink boyld with hartshorn & marigold In an houre, or more before the fit, In bed, coverd warm, & sweat. S: Rock For an Ague Take the bigness of a whole nutmeg in allum, & a whole nutmeg scraped, put this into a draught of beere till the allum is disolved, walke let them drinke it an houre before the fit, & walke after it as long as ever they are able, then lie downe well covered to sweat. For a very hot Ague D Disney Take Clove gilliflowers Borage or Buglesse succory or Endive Sorrell violets Marigolds leaves with their flowers & of strawberrys Parsly roots & fennell roots pickt & cleaned Balme rasins of the sun stoned of each of these a handful of scordium & liquorice sliced of each half a handfull 3 spoonfulls of french or husked Barly & the 4 greater Colde seeds of each a Dram or else the seeds of Pompions, Cucumers of each 2 drams. Boyle all these in 3 quarts of water till almost half be wasted. then when tis neare boyld put to it 6 spoonfull of white wine vinegar & a very little suger then after a boyle more, straine it out & put it into an a deep pot close covered for your use. let the sick person drinke of this about half a Poringer full 4 or 5 times a day & night when their stomack is empty & eat no meat for 2 or 3 houres after & if the weather or Disease be very hot then put into the Decoction the lesse of scordium Balme & Marigolds & leave out Parsly roots because they are somewhat hot. To cause Sleep, you may boyle Lettuce among the other herbs & store of Violets & little or no vinegar And bind Lettuce with a little scraped Nutmeg to the Temple. but if they the too much, then leave out all violets & Lettuce, & use more vinegar. if they have a great Loosenesse boyle some plantain & Red rose the leaves & Purslane amongst the other things & give at bed time a scruple or half a Dram of Diascordium mixt with half an ounce of old Conserve of Roses, & a scruple of burnt Harts horns with a little syrope of quinces. this will not serve, put to the rest half a Dram of the best Bole arminick & give this quantity at twice, in the morning fasting, & at night last. But Take heed of staying a loosenesse till 2 or 3 days be past, except it ^be very Violent, be the party very weake, because a Loosenesse many times carries away much sicknesse & distemper. But if they be very much Bound up suppositorys made of hony & salt, & if you would have them stronger roule them in a little powder of Aloes, or Cinamon, or Hiera Piera. or give them 3 or 4 spoonfulls page 4 4 Agues of syrope of Roses solutive in a little drought of the Decoction or of Posset drinke with 2 or 3 spoonfull of syrope of violets or else [half] an an ounce of Manna in some Broth or else halfe an ounce of Cathdicon in Posset drinke, or Aloue. Or else if the patient is strong & not sick boyle a handfull of Elder barke (of the middle Barke) with the other herbs in the decoction. A Medcine for any Ague outward Take groundsell one handfull (the buds being cropt off, with the roots,) shred it not very small, then make a bag of white paper as big as a hand, prick it full of holes with a great pin, & then put the herb into it, then sow it up into another fine bag of old linnen & lay it to the pit of the stomach, & let it lie there a month or longer. Another of the same kind outward Take the worm called Dipsacus (which breeds in the head of the Kex we call Tankard brush, put it with a little of its spawne into a Goose quill, then stop it up close & hang it about th.e neck to the pitt of th.e stomach, & let it be there a Month. For a burning Ague, or fever Take 9 Bay leaves, 9 sage tops, 9 Plantaine leaves, & 9 Pepper cornes whole boyle them in a quart of Beer, or Ale, till almost half be consumed, & take a good draught of it when first your fit begins to come, & drink nothing else in your cold fit. but if the fit be long & feverish, th.en let the drink be only a quart of Milk boyld, & mingled with as much spring water cold. but remember to keep th.e body soluble by taking a glister or otherwise A good vomit Take 2 or 3 spoonfulls of the fine powder of stone Allum unburnt (according to the strength of the Body) disolve it in half a pint of Ale, warme it at the fire, & drink it off; keeping it in your body an houre, if you can, by walking up & downe the roome, & then drink some Posset drink. An outward Medcine Barlings Take two grey house snails ioine the mouths of their shells together, & fill that cavity, as full as can be thrust, with minct Rue, then lye them up, in that posture, in a piece of sartnet & hang it against the throte, letting it remaine there ten dayes. An Inward Medcine Cozin Wharton Take a Spoonfull of powder of Carduus, dry, th.en drink a gill of Eldar water, & 2 spoonfulls of syrup of Eldar berries, mixt together, presently after: & when that is well settled upon your Stomach, drink about a pint of hot Ale, or as much as you can drink. All this must be taken an houre, at least, before the fit is expected, & th.e hot Ale must be taken in bed, because you are to sweat after it. if any anybody canot take the powder dry, it may be mixt with a little of the Eldar water & syrup. Another Moore Take a pint of white wine, disolve in it a peniworth of Common Treacle upon Embers, & when tis perfectly disolv'd & mixt with the wine, it must be take 2 houres before th.e fit, in bed. & lie warme to sweat. Another Horn Take a great Onyon, & cut out the core, & into that cavity put a Nutmeg. so as the onion may cover it all over, tye it up close in a paper, & rost it in Ashes not over hot, till the nut= meg is hot through, (which when it is it will be soft) then take it out, & when tis cold grate it all, & drink that powder in a draught of hot Ale, when the fit begins. & the preparation must be made 2 or 3 houres before it be used.
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