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Receipt book [manuscript].
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ca. 1679-1694
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page 11 || page 12
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FSL collection
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11 11 1 page 12 12 Collick Doctor Berry's Emulsion for the Collick Take of the seeds of Mellons Cowcumbers Lettuce & White Poppys of each 2 grains : of Liquoris 2 grains: of Cinamon one graine: bruse this & boyle them in 3 pintes of faire water to the waste of a 3d part; then strane the liquor, & let it settle: then Take Iordan Almonds 2 ounces, 6 rosted pippins, & a quarter of a pound of loaf sugar. blanch & beat the Almonds with 2 or 3 spoonfulls of Rosewater, then straine them with the liquor, & make lambs wooll. For the Collick or griping of the guts Take Milke & boyle it with onyons turne it with white wine into a Posset & drink it as hot as you can suffer it the stronger tis of Onyons the better, but if the paine be not very violent it may be made with Beer instead of white wine For the Collick A live Tench, cut open & laid immediatly to the stomack, is excellent; or for the Spleen. They must be changed, one fresh after the other, Till the cure is perfected. you may know when it does good, by the Tenches being turned as yallow as saffron when tis taken off. For the Collick Take a sheeps Call hot out of its belly, & apply it. is exellent Or Take Cammomile Rue Sage & wormsood of each one handfull wheaten bran half a handfull out the herbs small & boil all in good vinegar till the vinegar be consumed the put it into a linnen bag & lay it to the pained place as hot as can be endured & when it is cold warm it again, & use it dayly till you be well. Or Take squall portions of honey & wine, put them on a fire & put thereto ground wheat meal & a pretty quantity of bruised Cummin-seeds seeds & as much sorrill, boil all together for a pretty while then put them into a linnen bag & apply it to the belly as a plaister. Or Take a turfe of green Grass, & lay it to the Navil, & let it lye till you find ease; the green side must be laid next to the belly. Or Take half a sheet of white paper anoynt it all over with oyl olive, & strew thereon gross pepper, & so lay it to the belly from the navil downward. for the collick Take the quantity of half an Hazel nut kernel of Mithindate & so much black sope & mix them together & Take a broad Onion & cut of the top & make it somewhat hollow & put the black sope & mithridate in it & cover it with the piece you cut of wrap it in paper & roste it in embers untill it be very soft then put it between 2 linnen cloths warm & lay to the Navil & pin the clothes upon the back souse it till you find case Take 3 penyworth of saffron beat it to pouder with a little suger candy then put to it 2 or 3 spoonfulls of oyle of Almonds for the Heart Collick, or paine in the stomach Take a spoonfull of the Iuice of Rue in 4 spoonfulls of Mum in a morning fasting & fast an houre after it
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