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Receipt book [manuscript].
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ca. 1679-1694
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page 13 || page 14
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FSL collection
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13 page 14 14 Colds or Coughs An excellent Medcine for a Cough Take one pound of Rasins of the sunne rube them well in a cleane cloth & stone them then beat them very small put to them 4 ounces of white sugar Candy a quarter of a pound of Liquoris one ounce of Annseeds 2 or 3 slice of Ginger these beaten & seare add to them 3 or 4 drops of oyle of Anniseeds & 20 grains of Ambergreece then beat them well together till they come to a stiff past which roule into Pills. & as often as you please take of them (swallow them down). For the same, & stuffing. take as much flower of brimstone as will lie on a 3 pence in rare Egg, & sup it off. Or mix syrup of lemmons, syrup of Eldarberrys, syrup of violets of each equall parts. Or boyle Beere with unset hissop, then straine it, & thicken it to a Cawdle with the yolke of an eg, then sweeten it & drinke it at bed time. For a Cough or Cold Take a pint of Issop water & a quarter of a pound of sugar-candy a spoonfull of Anniseed bruised & a small stick of liquoris sliced, & bruised; put them together & let them stand all night, boil it a quarter of an hour upon a fire: then strain & take of it, 2 or 3 spoonfulls, at a time, warm. you may take it at any time; best at night when you go to bed, or in the morning. For a Cough Take the [roots]Roots of Folefoot & dry them in an Oven, & powder them, then heat a Tile red hot & strew it thereupon, then set the bottom of a [tunnel]Tunnell upon it & let the patient receive the same morning & evening. Or drink sack & sallet oyle at Bedtime. same morning & evening. Or drink sack & pallet oyle at Bedtime. A Drink for a Cough or Cold Take of Liquorish scraped & sliced, of Anniseeds rubbed & bruised, of Rasins of the sunn stoned, of figs sliced, of Hyssop tops, of each one little handfulls; & a great handfull of Coltsfoot; boil all these in a gallon of running water untill 2 or 3 parts be consumed, then strain it, & stir in it 3 or 4 good spoonfulls of honey. take this in the morning fasting, at 4 a clock in the afternoon, & when you go to bed; 4 spoonfulls at a time warm. Another Drinke Take Hysop water one pint; Muscadine, one quart 4 Races of Ginger, & as much Liqurish sliced, a penniworth of Sugarcandy in Powder; put all into a Glass, & stop it close, & shake them well together, & let it intermix 24 hours, & drink thereof morning & evening. Another Take a pint of Malmsey or Muscadine, & boil it with 5 ounces of sugar Candy till it come to a syrup, and in the latter end of the boiling pu tot it 5 spoonfulls of Horehound distilled water; & so suck it from a liquorish stick bruised at the end. use this onely to go bedward. For a Cold Excellent To halfe a quarter of a pound of sugar Candy Take half a pint of the best Brandy, & burne it as long as it will flame; putting all the while as it burns, ever & anon same white sugar Candy beaten fine by spoonfulls till half a quarter of a pound be put in, then take it off & put in 2 little spoonfulls of syrup of Clove gilliflowrs & take it hot in bed. 6 drops of spirit of sulphur, taken in a draught of small Ale, is excellent for the same distemper. For an old Cough Take th.e quantity of a nutmeg of Lucatellus Balsom, & 5 spoonfulls of [warm] sack after it warme Sack. for 6 mornings.
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