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Receipt book [manuscript].
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ca. 1679-1694
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page 19 || page 20
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FSL collection
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19 A Powder for A Woman in Labour Take of Saffron, Date stones, Grains of Paradise and white Amber of each one ounce. Cummin seeds the weight of all of these beat them severally in fine powder (the Saffron must not be dryed but rated in a Mortar with a little white sugar-candy till tis brought into fine powder) and searce them fine through a Cambrick mix them all well together and with Ielly of Hartshorn make it into Balls and dry them in a warm room. of this give as much as will lye on a Ninepence in a draught Alebury hot, in case of [a difficult] Travell, and that the Womans Throws have left her, (tis a most [infalible] help ) and if the after-Birth be hard to come away, give a second draught of a like quantity of powder. And if afterpains trouble - through obstruction of - give a third draught with as much of the powder as will lye on a six pence. Another for the same. Take Saffron, Mace, Cinamon of each a like quantity, the double quantity of any one of the former in white Amber, make all these in fine powder, and take as much of it as will lye on a Sixpence an hour before Delivery in a little white wine Cawdle mixt in a spoon and a draught of warm Cawdle after it. this will bring away a dead Child or After-Birth and is Excellent against faintings after delivery A Powder for the Stone Take Haws and Hopps of each a good handfull Ash-Keys halfe a handfull 3 or 4 Acorns, the shells of three new-laid Eggs gromwell seeds parsley seeds of each halfe an ounce, Peach stones a good handfull. Camock roots halfe a handfull make all of this in fine powder & searce it, and add to that searsed powder two ounces of white sugar-candy searced. Take six-penie-weight of this powder in the morning fasting and drink not of an hour after A Powder for pain in the Sides Take the Leavs of Holly that are prickly 2 handfulls, dryed and beat them into fine powder, six Acorns (dryed & powdered) and the like quantity of Date-stones dryed and beaten, mix them well together and keep them close and when yow would use them take a spoonfull of the powder in halfe a pint of Wine, or Ale warm, with a little ginger. tis an Excellent thing. A Powder for the Green Sickness Take a quarter of a pound of fine Sugar, Mace, Cloves and Nutmegs of each a quarter of an ounce, to these (being finely powdered and searcd) add two ounces of prepared Steel. Take a spoonfull of this powder in the morning, and walk three quarters of an hour after it, then take some Broth made with rasins and currans parsley roots and fennell roots and thickned with Oatmeal. page 20 20 Powder for the Sight Take of the fine powder of Eye-bright Bright Eight ounces of the powder of sweet fennell seeds four ounces, of the powder of Bettany two ounces. Add to them four drams of the powder of Mace & Cinamon, and mix all well together. Take a spoonfull of this powder, in Ale, Beer or White-wine (which is best of all) a little draught. [Another powder for the Green Sickness] A Powder for an inward Bruise Take of Terra Sigillata, Sanguis Draconis, Manna, of each two Dramms Sperma-Caeti one Dram, Rhubarb halfe a dram beat all (but the Sperma Caeti) in fine powder and searse them, then mix them altogether and keep it close for your use. Take a dram of this powder in Muscadine & sweat after it. Powder of Spunge for the Kings Evill Take a good quantity of spunge, dry it well, then steep it in vinigar & calcine it in a Crucible, then beat it to fine powder, and take it in wine often, this is good to dry up any moist humours, Salt of Moles is alsoe excellent being mixt with beer to the thickness of Mud and take the quantity of a Nutmeg. Powder for Canker in the Mouth or Nose Take the Ashes of green leavs of holly as much as yow will, put to it half as much of the powder of Burnt Allom, mix well together and keep it close, and when you would use it, blow of it with a quill into the place grieved, it will help Man, child, or beast. Powder against Wind in the Stomach Take Ginger, Cinamon Galanga of each two ounces: Annis, Caraway, fennell seeds of each one ounce; Long-pepper, Grains, Mace and Nutmegs of each half an ounce: setwall, halfe a dram, make all in powders, add to it one pound of fine Sugar, and keep it close in a Box, use this after your meat, or before as you like, at all times, it comforts the stomach exceedingly, expells wind, & helps digestion. Electuary for the Breast and Lungs Boyl Clarified honey, and when tis well boyled, put to a pint and halfe of it, halfe a pound of Earth-worms (being first slitt, washt, dryed in an oven, and finely powdered, with as much Elicampane roots (dryed & powdered). Liverwort dryed and powdered three ounces. let them boyl very much together, till it be near as thick as an Electuary, then put in an ounce of Ginger in powder, stir it well together, and Eat of it morning and evening first and last. Electuary for A Cough Take a quarter of a pound of rasins of the Sun Stoned and two ounces of oyle of sweet= Almonds (new new drawn out of the cold press) beat the rasins Extream fine in A stone Mortar, then take them up into a pott, and put the oyl to them mix them well together eat of this on the point of a knife as oft as you will. Figgs scraped or grated and (in this same quantity) mixed with Oyl of almonds is admirable for a dry Cough.
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