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Receipt book [manuscript].
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ca. 1679-1694
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page 23 || page 24
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FSL collection
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23 A Iulep to loosen the Body Take of Syrup of Dammask Roses and of violetts of each one spoonfull, barley water ( (in which some prunes has been boyled) ) five spoonfulls, rose-water one spoonfull mix them, and drink it. An Excelent Iulep for a Fever Take to a pottle of water halfe an ounce of Hartshorn boyl it to the waste of a pint then Season it with Lemons and sugar putting in the whole pill of a Lemon in the Ielly bagg through which you pass it. A Iulep for a Fluxe Lady Atholl Take a pint of red rose water, one ounce of calcin'd Hartshorn sweeten it to your taste with refined hard sugar, and set it upon the fire untill it is ready to Boyl then take it off and put in 3. or 4. dropps of spirit of cinamon stir it well to= =gether and drink of it as often as you please or are dry, & when tis done, if need be make more. A Iulep for a Fever or Ague Boyl two spoonfulls of french Barley and water together till the water is reddish then pour away that and put to the Barley one quart of spring water with two pippins sliced, a few Almonds blancht and sliced, a little Hartshorn and Candied Oringe root, boyl these leisurly till a third part be consumed - then strain it, and if you will, sweeten it with Syrup of clove gilliflowers. An Oatmeal Pudding Take great oatmeal pick it clean tye it in a course cloath & lett it boyl in the Beef Pot untill it be soft, then take a quart or less of cream boyld with mace, & when tis cold slice the crum of a manchet into it, then put it to the Oatmeal with the yolks of four Eggs two whites, sugar, Salt, Nutmeg and rosewater to your tast then butter your dish and set it in the oven. Puddings of Wine Take two white loaves slice them very thinn into halfe a pint of white Wine first scalded put to this as much sugar as yow think fitt Eight Eggs beaten with rosewater some mace finely beaten some sliced Dates some Marrow cut in little bitts (first dipt in white of egg to keep it from wasting) ) stir or beat all well together, then fry them in little puddings of the thickness of a Figg and the breadth of a hand with sweet butter and rose-water. Calves foot Pudding Excelent Boyl two Calves feet very tender cut of the meat and Shred it while it is hott so much that when tis minced it may not be discernd what it is; then slice the crums of A manchet and scald it in a pint of Cream take the yolks of five eggs but two whites well beat halfe a pound of plump currans season it with Cinamon Nut- =meg sugar salt and rosewater and musk if yow will then take a call of veal fold it double and sow it up leaving a place to put the pudding in & as yow fill it put in good store of Marrow in big pieces make it up and then tye it up in a Napkin letting it boyl two hours then turn it out of the napkin and stick it all over with blancht Almonds cutt in long small pieces, make sauce of Sack, butter, and Sugar. page 24 Rice Puddings, and Almond Puddings in Gutts take a pound of Rice pick and wash it then boyl it in new milk till it is very tender then drain it from the milk and take as much fine grated and sifted Manchet as the pound of Rice mingle the rice and bread very well together then take the yolks of twelve Eggs & six whites, bruise them very well with a spoonfull of rose water and a quart of Cream, then strain the Cream & Eggs together and put in the Nutmegs a quarter of ounce of cinamon pounded very fine salt to your tast and a pound of Sugar then put in the mixt Rice and bread with a pound of Currans four pounds of beef suet shred small & the marrow of 4 bones cut small stir all well together then put in 4. grains of Amber, 3 of Musk (mixt & ground small) mix them well then fill your Gutts, (they being first well scowred & stopt for 6 hours in rose=water then dryed in a cloath) halfe an hour is enough to boyl them, the water must seeth before you putt them in, and be sure to tye them fast when you fill them.: Almond Puddings are made the same way, only in stead of Rice put in Almonds finely beaten. Black Puddings Excelent Take a quart of sheeps blood, and a quart of Cream ten Eggs whites & yolks beaten well together, stir all the liquors very well then thicken it with grated bread and Oatmeal finely beaten of each a like quantity. Beef =suet finely shred, and Marrow in little Lumps Season it with A little nutmeg, cloves and mace mingled with salt, a little sweet Marioram Lemon. Thime & penieryall) , and when all is well mixt together fill your Gutts being well cleansed and boyl them carefully. Bread Puddings Lady Hic in Gutts Take a quart of Cream (boyld and cold again) a pint of sifted bread made of good Manchet 8. yolks of eggs 3. pounds of beef suet small shred some currans sugar salt rosewater and saffron to your tast so fill your Gutts and boyl them Almond Puddings Gutts Take halfe a pound of Almonds, a full quart of cream boyld and cold again six eggs whites and yolks two pounds of beef Suet and some Marrow sugar and salt to your tast 4. grains of Amber-greece, fill the Gutts and boyl them Apricock Wine. Take two pounds of Apricocks viz: parings and cast pieces to A Gallon and halfe of water and halfe a pound or more of sugar boyl altogether with scuming when tis cold pass it through a Ielly bagg and bottle it.
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