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Receipt book [manuscript].
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ca. 1679-1694
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page 47 || page 48
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FSL collection
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47 To Make A sa^ck posset my mother A Pottle of cream, & boyle in it A little whole cinimon & 2 or 3 blades of Mace, then take 18 eggs & ^but 8 of the whites, beat these very well and put to them one pint of sack, one grated nuttmeg & A little beaten cinimon, & 3 quarters of A pound of sugar, set these on A Chafeindish of coals, when the wine & eggs are reasonable hott Take the cream boyling off the fire, pour it as high as you can, stir it not but cover it close, & 2 grains of musk upon it For a violent Cough May 11 - 1694. Mr Burbidge Take of Elecompany Anniseeds, & liquorice of each one ounce finely beaten & seared. then beat amongst them three ounces of sugar candy and take of this powder a knife-point full frequently. Another Madam Sitwell Ditto 1694. one quarter of a pint of brandy makes it up. Take 2 ounces of Spanish liquorice slice it into Brandy or rose water sett it over some coals untill it is well dissolved, then take 2 ounces of Anniseeds & as much flowre of Brimstone. 4 . ounces of loaf sugar beat & seared mix them well together before you put them to the liquorice & brandy else the brimstone will be in dry lumps. then put these powders to the brandy & liquorice & make it into pills leaving some powder to make them up with all. Doctor Rasino Iuly 3. 1694 Take of Quinch-seeds halfe an ounce, of Flea=wort 1 Drachm. boyl them over a gentle fire halfe an hour in a little more than a pint of spring water, till almost halfe be consumed. strain it, & sweeten it with Syrup of Violetts, and take frequently a spoonfull or two warme gently dissolving it & swallowing it, especially towards bedtime. this Ielley is accounted a great inward healer & good against horsness. or infuse the Abov said in cold water all night is better will ielley as well Doctor Rasino Take yarrow & plantain of each two handfulls beat them well in a stone Mortar. put halfe a pint of Ale to them let them stand covered in some vessell all night in the morning strain it, and take two or 3 spoonfulls of the iuice in a little Ale or beer, if you add halfe the quantity of [saffr] Tansey to the other hearbs it may doe well or the iuice of Tansey alone prepared as above said. they are great strengtheners cleanses & helps the wind, and inward bruises. For the Lump in my neck if troublesome put upon it a plaister of Athernium or rupture plaister, to strengthen it, for he thinks it is a relaxation. Another for my selfe. a Cordiall Take. 4. 5 or 6. dropps of Balsome of Sulpher in A little Sack. but if the suplhur be right it ought to be Annizated. if I find 6. dropps heat too much, then I am to take but four. Nota Bene but I did take .10. or 12 at a time dropt on a bitt of sugar & then 2. spoonfulls of sack morning & evening page 48 48 To kill [womes] worms in Children Take of wormseed, bay-berries and Iuniper-berries of each a like quantity only bruise the wormseed, but beat and serse the other two. then mix altogether and give as much as will lye upon a halfe-crown to a child in a little honey or treacle 2. .or .3. mornings probatum A plaister for a consumption. 1694 Take burgundy pitch, Rosin, bees-wax, of each halfe an ounce, melt them upon a soft fire, then put in of the oyle of Mace a quarter of an ounce, and of course turpentine a quarter of an ounce, when all is melted give it a little boyle, then spread it upon sheeps leather, then grate a Nutmeg upon it, and sprincle a little dry beaten mint upon it & apply it to the stomach on a large plaister, the abov said ingredients are the dose for one plaister. which will be good upon the stomack 14 dayes or more. And then you may renew it. it is also good for sciatica or paines in the ioynts or back being applyed thertoo. It works by drawing a dew. Bitter draught - A Receit for A pain in the stomach or Take the hops of centry, camomile flowers, of each one handfull, of Gentian Roots, two scruples, fine senna, Cardus seeds, of each half an two scruples, fine senna, cardus seeds, of each half an ounce, boil one quart of water well & infuse it in it all night, then strain it, &, Take a quarter of a pint out every morning whiles it lasts Cowslip Wine madam Gill To Eight gallons of water, sixteen pound of sugar, set the water & the sugar on the fire, let them boil together a whole hour, keep it well with scuming, take it off, & when tis as cold as new milk, have a vessel ready, with 2 pecks of pickt cowslips in, a little bruised, pour your liquor upon the flowers, put into it, to or twelve spoonfuls of new yeast, & as the flowers works up, put them down with a spoon, & before it has done working, put in the Iuice of ^10 [twelue] Lemons, & the outside pill, ^of eight when it has done working, close it up with clay & keep it three weeks then bottle it, putting a bitt of Loaf sugar in every bottle twil keep & be at best at Xmas - For the dropsy half a pint of March Beere, mix with it three knife pointfulls of Powder of musterdseed drink it morning fasting & 4 clock afternoon till you find good by it. this receit very good, Mrs Cooper - 15 to 2 handfull new goose dung 2 handfull burdock roots slict & worke in 2 quarts of new ale 24 hours then strained out & drink 1/2 a pint morning fasting & afternoon Lady K:
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