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Receipt book [manuscript].
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ca. 1679-1694
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page 49 || page 50
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FSL collection
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49 To preserve strawberries. Take the largest ripest strawberries and allow their weight in sugar, then take some other strawberries and crush them, and to every pound of straw= berries allow a quarter of a Pint of this Iuice, and a quarter of a pound more sugar, dipp all the sugar in water, and then poure the Iuice upon it melt it over the fire, and when it is very well melted, stir it till it be almost cold, then put in your strawberries and boile them on a pretty ^quick fire often takeing them of to scum them, when they are clear they are enough scume them clear, and glasse them, if you think the syrrup too thinn you may boile it after the fruit is taken out, be sure to scum it clear, and stirr it till it be coole, before you put it upon the strawberries. To preserve Gooseberries. Take the fairest Dutch gooseberries at their full growth but not ripe, stone them into faire water, then stamp other gooseberries and strain them, let the Iuice run through 'a geley bag till it be as clear as water, then put three quarters of a pound of gooseberries into half a pint of Iuice in a bason on the fire, and let them boile as fast as possible one good boile or two, then take the finest sugar one pound and quarter good weight finely beaten strow it upon your gooseberries reserving a little to strew on as they boile as soon as they are the fire make them boile to the topp of the pan two good boiles, but it must be very quick, or they will change colour, then take them of, and keep them in deep glasses or pots. to make thin tart crust L: K: Take half a pound of fine flower, as much good fresh butter, rub your butter well into your flower; then put to it 2 eggs yolks & the white[s] ^no water then roul out your lids as thin as you pleas, when they are lidded you may before they be set into & searc' some dd refined sugar on them the bottoms must be pretty thick this is very good- to make Whiggs mrs Moor Take one quarter of a peck of fine flower set it to the fire to drye, then warme a little new milk to mix it with all, put to it a porringer full of new barm, set it to the fire to rise then take 1/2 a pound of butter & 1/2 a pound of sugar, melt them toge =ether, stir them till they be cold then mix them all together An Excellent receipt for the dropsy - it hath Recovered some when the physicians had given them over Take one scruple of the seeds of well-wort & bruise them, mix them with surup of Roses & a little sack & take it for a purg it will cure the dropsy: the seeds may be had at the Apothercarys. Exellent for strengthening the eyes Lady K: A quarter of a pound of may butter & one ounce of white virgins wax melted together, then one ounce of flower of white lead put in it mixed well so put in potts for use - rub the bigness of a great pin head ever night, upon your Eye lidds. To make surup of Elderberys excellent mrs Satorsfeil fill a vessel full of Elderflowers, before they be full blown, & putt so much Rennish to them as will iust wett them very well then cover them close & Let them stand till Elderberys are ripe, then gather a quantity & fill a stew pott with them & sett it within a pott of water over the fire to stew & when they are enough [& when] drain the iuce from them, & likewise squeese the flowers & mix an equal quantity of both Liquors & to a pint of Iuice, a pound of sugar & boyle it to a syrup page 50 50 an excellent receipt for the stone, mrs Moor drop 25 drops of oyle of Turpentine in a pint glass of spring water & drink it off To prevent miscariage mrs Wain^wRight ffrogg-spawn water, oak-Bud water, cinnamon water, plantain water, of each A pint, mix them together & sweeten it with surup of Corral, & drink a small glass as often as you pleas. A good Dyet Drink for swelled Leggs mrs Adams To a Gallon of smal Ale, one handfull of Liverwort, one handfull of Brookline, one handfull of fumetery, one ounce of Iuniper berys. 2 oranges, 2 ounces of sena 2 pennyworth of English Rubarb, & drink of this twice a day also liverwort stampt tuned up in midleing drink & tune a day drink almost apt at a time excelent for heat & flushing in the face. strong og liverwort it may be & the better past for cheescakes half a quartren of fine flower mix it pretty stiff with 3 Egg whites & cold water & moild it well, then take better then a pound of butter & wash it in water to make it soft then roul out your past pretty thin & spread the butter thin in rows & flower it, then duble it up & roul it again & doe so till all the butter be spent but be sure to roul it all one way. Meat for the cheescakes Set a quart of cream with a stick of cinnamon over the fire & Let it boyle then break 9 Eggs & to part of them putt better then a spoonfull of fine flower when tis mixt well put all the Eggs together & beat them very well, & when the milk is a little cool, mix that & the Eggs together by degrees & keep it in stiring; & putt in better then a quarter of a pound of butter and sett it over a slow fire & keep it stiring till it be pretty well broak to curds but not too much then take it off & putt in curans, well washed & pickt & sugar nuttmeg to your tast a little sack & rose water if you will pan Tart past To a quartren of fine flower, rub 3 half pounds of good butter into it, & & make it into past with cold water. Pasty past for the Top To half a peck of fine flower, take 6 Egg whites, & 3li & a half of butter make it into a past with cold water, & doe not work it much. for the bottom & sides To half a peck of flower break a pound & half of butter into it & make it into past with hott water, or yow may mix of both these pasts for the sides past for a dish pye Excelent good 2 pound of fine flower, a pound & 3 quartrens of butter, 3 Eggs yolks & whites, beat them & mingle them well in the flower, then break in the butter in pretty large lumps, & some cold water butt make it pretty stiff, grasp it well in your hands, but doe not knead it at all then work it lightly till it be smooth
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