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Miscellany [manuscript].
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Part II. When reading Part II, Part I is inverted and reversed.
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ca. 1613-ca. 1756
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folio 29 verso || folio 30 recto
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FSL collection
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For the Bite of a Mad Dog Take Rue, sage & wormwood of each a large handfull, 3 large heads of Garlick; bruise them altogether in a Morter: then put in half a pound of stone brim= =stone pounded, 2 ounces of assa foetida, one pound of scraped pewter, one pound of Treacle, or 6 ounces of venice Trecle: put all into 8 Quarts of strong Beer, & boyl it over a gentle fire, 'till it is half wasted, being close cover'd in an earthen Pot. if to a man or woman, half a quarter of a Pint in a morning fasting, three days before & three day after the full of the moon after being Bit. To a horse or Cow, a Quarter of a Pint, to a Dog but 3 spoonfulls. This has been used upwards 30 years & never known to fail. folio 30 recto 30 [A Receipt for the Bite of a Mad dog Take of Native Cinnabar & factitious Cinnabar both ground to an ex- =ceeding fine powder of each 24 Grains, of the strongest Musk 16 Grains rub those togather 'till the Musk is also become fine, & give it all for a Doze in a small Tea cup full of Arrack or Brandy as soon as possible after the Person is bit, & another Doze 30 days after, but if the Person has the symptoms of Madness before he has taken the Medicine, he must take 2 dozes in an hour & half. if the Person be raving he must be held down by force & stopping his nostrils give a little & little in a spoon 'till all is taken. Approved by great success This is to be proportioned according to the age of the Person the above being for a grown Person.]
Transcriptions made by Shakespeare’s World volunteers (, participants in EMROC classes and transcribathons (, participants in Folger paleography classes and transcribathons, and Folger docents.