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Cookery book of Ann Goodenough [manuscript].
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Goodenough, Ann, fl. 1700-1775.
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ca. 1700-ca. 1775
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page 64 || page 65
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FSL collection
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[67] 64 To make Perfumed Cakes X Take three ounces and a halfe of Beniamin and lay it one night in rose water then beate it fine then take halfe a pint of Damaske Roses the whites being taken away beat them fine in a morter then put the beniamin into the roses and beat them togeather vntill it come to a past then take it out and mingle with it halfe an ounce of muske finely beaten as much Ciuett and one ounce and a halfe of the best suger finely scearsed then mingle it well togeather and make it in litle Cakes laying a rose leafe on either side of them and soe lay them a drying in a place where noe Aire nor dust comes and keep them close and they will last two yeares: To make Goosbery Wine X Take a good quantitye of Goosberyes when they are ripe bruise them all and put them into a vessell and let them stand one day and one night then straine them into another vessell from the seeds and husks and let them stand six weeks vpon theire Lee then to every gallon of iuice put three quarters of a pound of suger and soe botle itt it must not bee drunke vntill it grow briske page 65 [64] 65 To make suger of Roses X Take the deepest Red rose budds picke them and cut of the whites and sift the seeds from them and dry the leaues in an oven vntill they bee as dry as posible then beate them to powder and scearse them then take halfe a pound of powdered suger and beate very fine and put it into a siluer Dish with as much faire water as will wet it and set it on a chafindishe of coales and boyle it vntill it comes to suger againe then put in as much powder of roses as will make it looke very red stir them well togeather and when they are almost cold put them on plates To make meat Ielly Take a knuckell of veale and take of all the fatt and skin and let it ly in faire water fowre howres vntill the blood bee drained and it looke white then take one Calues foot sliced and boyle them togeather in three gallons of spring water vntill it is a hard Ielly vpon a soft cleere fire then straine it from the meate and let it stand all night an next morning take of the top and bottome and to every quart of Ielly put a pint of sherry sacke or white wine and as much suger as will sweeten itt and put in Cinamon nutmeg and Mace as you thinke fitt and six whites of eggs beaten vntill they looke like snow mingle all togeather then let it boyle one howre and let it run throughe a Ielly bag the noose of which you may dip in rose water
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