Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Certain profitable and well experienced collections for making conserve of fruits . . . as also of surgery, approved medicines . . . [manuscript].

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Certain profitable and well experienced collections for making conserve of fruits . . . as also of surgery, approved medicines . . . [manuscript].
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Webster, Nicholas, fl. 1650.
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ca. 1650
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folio 25 verso || folio 26 recto
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FSL collection
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ffor white pease pottage Take a quarte of white pease seth them in fare water close vntill they doe cast their huskes, the which cast awaie as long as any will rise to the topp, then put into the pease two dishes of butter and a little vergeous with pepper and salte and a little fine powder of mace, lett it stand till you will occupie it and then serue it vppon sopps To comfitt oreng pills which maie be done att all times in the yeare, and cheflie in maie be cause the pills be then the greatest and thickest Take thick oreng pills quarter them and stepe them in in fare water ten or twelue daies: you maie know if they they be steped enough if you hold them vp in the Sunne and see thorow them, then laie them to drie vppon a table and put them to drie betwene two lining clothes: Then put them in a vessell well leaded and add to it as much honey as will halfe cover the said pills more or lesse as you thinke good Boyle them a little and stir them alwaies then take them frome the fyer lest the honey doe seth too much. for if it boyle a little too much it wil be thick, lett them stand foure daies in the said honey stirring them together everie daie because their is not honey enough to cover the pills: you must stir them well and often. Thus doe thre times geueing them one bobling each time lett them stand thre daies and then streine them frome the honey and after you haue lett them boyle A small space take them frome the fyer and be stow them in vessells, putting to them ginger cloues and Synamon mixed all together & the rest of the cerop will dresse others To purifie hony and suger for all fruites To ten pound of honey take the white of twelue new laide eggs and take awaie the froth of them beat them well together with a stick and six glasses of fare fresh water then put them into the honey and boyle them in a pott with a mo= derate fyer the space of a quarter of an hower or lesse then take them frome the fier scuming them well. flowers folio 26 recto 26 Medicina lady R A medycyne to make the face fare and well coloured Take leaching or lyre of beefe of the youngest and leanest and still it well and keepe the water by it selfe. Lykewise take new mornings mylk still it and saue that water by it selfe and when you will occupie it myxe them in equall porcyons and lett them drie on your face them selves. and then rub your face with clean cloth proued Note: written to the side: What tho these silly helps doe Nature sway And seeme to turne her Course another way At length she will returne with double force ffor Nature still must haue her ancient Course ffor the black morphew Take A new laid egg and stepe it in strong vyneger vntill the shell be very soft which wil be in thre or fewer daies then take it out braie it with a spone and wash the morphew. To take morphew out of the face Take red rose flowers thre good handfull, maiden haire of the wall two handfull, fennell, two handfull, fenell, verbyne, Edyue, peneryall of every one a handfull, camphere halfe an ounce stepe all thes in a quarte of white wine, but first lett your wine stand one night in the pott then draw it out and put in the herbs letting it stand two it stand two daies, distill it in a distill it in a Stillitorie of glas or in a powder still Sun it thirtie daies Against pymples or or scurf in the face Receyue a pound of allome glas the Iuce of pursteine of plan= taine, and verges of grapes or crabbs of everyone a pinte and a halfe, take also the whites of of twentie eggs and beate them together with the same Iuce then myxe all together distill it in a comon stillitorie, and kepe the water to vse against all all pimples, skurfe, wheales chafings and heates which chance in the skinne. dip lyning cloth in the water and laie to the rednes, or wash with it and lett it drie in A medycyne for a stinking breath Scotts Douglas Take the flowers of rose marie boyled in white wine and accustome to to drink of it and wash the face with it and it will as well make the broth swete as fare face Another for a stinking breath Receiue rosemarie leaues with the blossoms seth them in white wyne with a little myrre Synamon beniamyn and taking the said wine in your mouth oft you shall find a marvalous effect
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