Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Cookbook of Mary Cruso and Timothy Cruso [manuscript], 1689 September 5.

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Cookbook of Mary Cruso and Timothy Cruso [manuscript], 1689 September 5.
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Cruso, Mary, fl. 1689.
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1689 September 5
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front endleaf 1v || folio 1 recto
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FSL collection
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1r 1 Timothy Cruso's Writing. 1. To preserve Apricocks. Take your Apricocks, when they bee ripe, & pare them, & thrust out the stones; then take their weight of double refined sugar, beaten & sifted; lay them in it all night, till the sugar bee melted; then set them on the fire, let them boil quick till they look clear; shake them, & scum them, then set them by till next day; then set them on again, boil them, & scum them, take them up, & put them in your Glasses; put Ielly of Codlings to them. 2. To make Ielly of Codlings. Pare your Codlings, & cut them; boil them in as much water, as will cover them; boil them quick, & to a pint of that put a pound of double refined sugar. 3. To preserve Damsins. To every pound of Damsins, take a pound of sugar; take some of the Damsins, & boil them in water, then take half a pint of that Liquour, & put to your sugar; then put half a pound of more sugar to answer the Liquour; then boil it & scum it clear; when it is cold, then cut your Damsins on the side, & put them in; let them boil leisurely, scum them a little; then set them by till next day, then set them on again; let them boil a little, shake them & scum them, till they look clear; then put them in the pots, & boil your Ielly, & put it to them. 4. To preserve Wallnuts. Take green Wallnuts before they bee shell'd, (before midsummer) prick them full of holes, lay them in water 4 or 5 dayes, shift them twice or thrice a day, then put them in a skillet of water, set them on the fire, till the water is boiling hot; then put them out, & put them in more water when tis warm; so shift them, till it colours no more; boil them a little the last time, then take them up, & wipe them with a coarse cloth till the skin is off; then take to a pound of wallnuts 2 pound of sugar, & a Quart of water, then make it into syrup; then prick your wallnuts with a stick of Cinnamon & a Clove; let them boil leisurely for an hour, then set them by for a week, & then you must make a fresh syrup of good sugar. 5. To preserve Barberries. Take the fairest Barberries in clusters, & stone them with the point of a square needle, take twice the weight in double refined sugar; to half a pound of Barberries put a pint of Liquor which you must make by boiling some Barberries in a little water, then run it through a sieve; to a pint of that take half a pound of sugar, besides the other sugar which was the weight of the Barberries; put your sugar & liquour together, boil it & set it by, & scum it when it is almost cold; then put in your Barberries, give them 3 or 4 warmes, shake them & scum them; when they look clear, take them up into a basin, & then lay them in your
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