Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Autograph letters signed from Thomas Booth, London, to John Booth [manuscript], 1683-1689.

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Autograph letters signed from Thomas Booth, London, to John Booth [manuscript], 1683-1689.
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Booth, Thomas, b. 1646, correspondent.
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seal These To Captain Booth att his howse Twemlowe by Brereton bagg Cheshire 1r 13th January 1684 Deare Brothers, Yours I received and am sorry to hear the weather is soe sevear in Cheshire itt will goe I am much afraid (should itt continue) very hard with some farmers in Cheshire, being many of them had great stocks on their hands and could not part with them but to great losse and fodder of all sorts I am afraid is wanting, 'tis a brave thawe here without any raine att all, I hope 'tis soe in Cheshire, There was in the West of England such a vast snow & the ffrost soe seveare with all, that severall persons lost their lives on sallisbury Plain, the Carriors many of their horses & some of them their lives. Eleven have certainly perished, but some say more, itt was the day before Christmas day that the snow fell in the West & the ffrost soe firce, It was the sharpest day here I ever felt to my knowledge. I spoake to my Nephew severall tymes that hee would in an after=noon goe to a wryteing Master [in an after] twice or thrice a weeke, and I would helpe him to one hee haveing little else to doe, there hee will not onely improve his hand, but may make much a farther progresse into Arethmitick the charg will not bee great but much for his advantage, if you intimate this to him hee will I am confident observe your commands Sir you say hee nether wrytes not speals well which is noe great wonder to
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