Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Deposition of John Bartholomew in the Hubbard piracy case.

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Deposition of John Bartholomew in the Hubbard piracy case.
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Bacon, Nathaniel, 1547-1622 and Ralph Shelton
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September 4, 1576
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FSL collection
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L.d.673 The Examinacion of Ion Bartholmew of Cley taken the iiiith of September 1576 Item this Examinante Confesseth the buyinge of sixe yron pottes of Captane hubbart and paid xxd a pece for them, And theis he bought of him before the bringinge in of the last two prises Item this Examinante also Confesseth that at suche tyme as he bought theis pottes hubbart did offer him Certeine hattes also to buye, but he bought not any of those hattes of hym by me Iohn bartylmewe
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