Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Letter from Jane (Skipwith), Lady Throckmorton, to Lewis Bagot

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Letter from Jane (Skipwith), Lady Throckmorton, to Lewis Bagot
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Sorry to hear that his father is still seeking a wife for him; the candidate of the moment has a great portion; had she herself such a portion, his father would not so much mislike of her.
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1610? April 14
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recto (letter)
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FSL collection
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L.a.852 My best beloued cosin. I am v e ry glad to here from you, that you ar well, and I would haue you thinke that it tis one of the greates comfordes I haue in this world to here of your well farer; I am very sory to here that your father is still in that humer of offering you more wifes; but as for this; shee hathe a greate porshone; wich I thinke if I hade; hee would not so much misslke of mee as hee dothe; and besides shee is honorabell wich dothe goe fare with most men nowe daves; but I protest I writ not this out of any mistrust I haue of your loue; for I haue euer found it more then I haue desserued;-yett I know not what shall deserue; and thus with my best wishes; for your good fortune; and happ n es in all your bussines I rest euer - the xiiii of Aprill your truly louing frende while I breath Jane Skipwith my sisters loue may not bee for gotten to you; lett mee here you as soune as you can
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