Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book of Penelope Jephson [manuscript].

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Receipt book of Penelope Jephson [manuscript].
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Part II. When reading Part II, Part I is inverted and reversed.
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Patrick, Penelope, 1646-1725.
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1671, 1674/5
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folio 19 verso || folio 20 recto
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FSL collection
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as well as sprains in us, by anointing the place pain'd well w i th out warming the oyntm en t, only tying a cloth on it. It may be done twice or thrice, but once many times cures. For an horse it must be well rubbed in with a flat stick: it needs no cloth about it. 38. The Lady Allens Water Take of Sage, [cl] Celendine, Rue, Rosemary Wormwood, RosaSolis, Mugwort, Pimpernell, Dragons, Scabious, Egrimony, Balm, Scor- dium, Carduus, Betony, Centory, Marigold leaves & flowers, Angelica leaves & stalks, each of these a good handfull. Then take the roots of Enulu Campane, Angelica, Turmentill, of each a handfull: of Ze - doary & Gentian half an ounce of each Let these herbs be picked & shred small, The roots sliced thin & scraped small. Then add half an ounce of Caraway seeds bruised which being mixed with the herbs, put this quantity into every gallon of sack that you intend to distill: adding these flowers Marigolds, Rosemary, Cowslips, Bugloss Borage, clary & parsly, of each half 20 a pound. Put all these together & steep them in sack three dayes & 3. nights, stir- ring them once a day. Then out it into a cold still, & lute it close. Make a gentle fire under it, & distill it as you do roses. Of every gallon of sack you may take a pinte of the strongest water first, & a quart of the second, & a pinte of the third: all of which will be very good Waters. Then let it drop as long as it will, & this will be good to make Julebs of in feavers. 39. A receipt for a burn or Scald Take a pound of fresh butter in the month of may or June, put it in an Earthen pip - kin, & add to it so much of the [inner] [peel] Moss that grows upon an old Ashe, [&] tree, & the inner peel of the twiggs as will fill it to boil, the outward peel bee - ing lightly scraped of. Let it boil for half an hour gently, then strain it through a linnen cloth that is not very thin, & keep it for your use. The first two hours keep the burn or scald moist with butter that is salted, or with sallet oyl, or snow water, which you please. Then after this, annoint it with this oyntm en t two or 3. times a day. Use no more
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