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BFT traveling exhibition 2020   (folger staff)
Book Covers   (edebold)
Catholics and Convents   (slehn)
Copy of Othello from GZ   (ealexander)
De Bry   (jasonecohen)
Doctor Faustus   (folger staff)
Donne Letters   (gziegler)
Elizabeth I   (gziegler)
Embroidered Bindings   (gziegler)
Global exchange atlas chinensis   (guest)
Grimm Watercolors   (rdankert)
GWU/Pollack   (folger staff)
Henry V   (folger staff)
Heywood's Women   (gziegler)
Ira Aldridge   (folger staff)
Islamic world food/medicine   (folger staff)
Julius Caesar   (jsoloway)
leisurable and temperate Fires   (rlaroche)
Macbeth   (Beti728)
maps of London   (
Marriage   (Donnayemoore)
Mary Queen of Scots   (gziegler)
McKee Fellows 2016   (aweinberg)
Open City Opening
Open City: London, 1500-1700
Othello   (gziegler)
Othello 1622 First Quarto   (kbryan@wwnorton)
Ovid   (egsherwood)
Pre-1520 illustrations published in England   (eblake)
RBSWorkbook   (deborahjleslie)
Remediated Shakespeares   (djpowell)
Romantic Love in Shakespeare   (Gail_VA)
Romeo and Juliet   (folger staff)
Romeo and Juliet   (jcakrasenjaya)
rutgers paleography   (guest )
Seven Ages   (gziegler)
Shakespeare 2016   (gziegler)
Shakespeare and Gender   (kvitale)
Shakespeare and Histories   (kvitale)
Shakespeare pictures   (sarahwerner)
Teena Rochfort Smith's Four-Text Hamlet   (robincamille)
The Sonnets and A Lovers Complaint 1609 Quarto   (kbryan@wwnorton)
The Tempest On Stage   (folger staff)
Timon   (FolgerPR)
Titus   (gziegler)
Tour Device   (NicoleWinard)
Turks   (agubanich)
V.b.182   (jswierczek)
wolfreston   (sarahwerner)
Woodcuts   (edebold)